Who We Are & What We Do ?


To eliminate the need for helplessness and struggle of every Trans person who reaches us for Surgery Grant.



Transgender Surgery Grant across the World, for more than 500+ Trans individuals shall be provided each year.

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About Our Cause 

Our initiative is to assist Transgender Community Globally with grants, to ease the struggle of their transitioning from Female to Male (FTM) and Male to Female (MTF).  

Our cause considers their Medical History and verifies every documentation post which we fund their surgeries, help them with post surgery care and provide accommodation for post surgery recovery stay.


About TALMS™

TALMS™ (Trans.Alms), the first of its kind, India-based charity foundation has been launched to help transgender people with monetary grants for transitional surgeries across the globe through personal and corporate funding. The grants will be applicable for transition-related surgeries for transgender women (male-to-female) and transgender men (female-to-male), post-surgery medical care and post-surgery stay. 


Our cause is primarily towards transitional surgeries, which require certain prerequisite documents, as prescribed by medical institutions and practitioners. Therefore our Foundation abides by these guidelines, and applicants are expected to comply with the same.

*Gender dysphoria is a debilitating medical condition of experiencing discomfort owing to the disconnect between one’s gender identity and sex assigned at birth.

About TALMS™ Registration 

We are registered as a Non Profit Foundation in Maharashtra, India operating worldwide, under Section 8 (1) of the Companies Act, 2013 with approved 12A and 80g status. We have been managing our operations online from our registered address Geeta Niwas, Prabhu Alli, Opp Municipal Garden Vasai West, Mumbai, MH, India. 401201 . You can view updates on our official website, and also you can know more about our activities on our Facebook & Instagram page.


License Number 132100

Registration No: 375344

12A & 80G Approved

Under Section 8 (1) of the Companies Act. 2013 Registered as a Non Profit Foundation in Maharashtra, India. Operating Worldwide.


Message from Our Founder 

Mann Chavan, Founder & Director, TALMS™ Charity Foundation says "As a transgender man myself, I have lived and know the struggle to secure funds for gender-affirming surgeries. The transgender community has been gaining momentum in terms of social awareness and acceptance over the years, however financial empowerment continues to be an area of concern. Medically transitioning can be a great relief to alleviate gender dysphoria* and help transgender people assimilate into their gender. Unfortunately, medical transition involves heavy costs that most trans people may not be able to access. I aim to bridge this gap through providing monetary relief.

Our Initiative


Assisting Transgender with Gender Affirming Surgery Grants Globally along with Post Surgery Care & Stay Facility. Discussing the needs and positive Emotional ,Mental & Physical impact achieved by the Tranegnder individual post  conducting their Medical transitioning dream. 

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                                   #Meraki Services 

Creates awareness and is for understanding diversity and inclusion challenges by the LGBTQ+ Community, finding solutions and implementing strategic POA - Plan of action with corporates from all sectors. Alongside Making Mental Healthcare Counselling session easily assessable for our LGBTQ+ Community by our LGBTQ+ Healthcare Experts.


Message from Our Director

My Story Starts with my support for my Son - Mann Chavan. He has inspired many as Trans Man and has made us proud as a family. We have seen his transition from FTM and it was not easy for him or for us as a family to see him go through this immense pain and struggle.

He never left us and neither did we but the whole journey was not as easy as it sounds. There are many  who  are unfortunate to receive this support, understanding and help. I know because I have been through the transition with him. 

It is not easy. Finances play a crucial role and I had my share of feeling, the crunch to save our son. He is a self made Man and we are proud of how far he has come. His vision makes us want to help more people in the similar situations.


At the age 70 I feel it's high time I stepped up and came out to the world along with my son to make the change. 

It's a war out there. Your son or daughter is fighting alone. Let's Help them.

It's my goal to help as many as I can for as long as I live and I could.


Geeta Chavan