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Why Collaborate with NGO's like Us ? 

One of the most successful community building can be described as NGO partnerships. The most successful NGO partnerships leverage the strengths of both parties to create unique value. ... Beyond this, other criteria that define a fruitful cross-sector partnership include mental satisfaction, optimum use of your funding's, shared values, mutual respect, effective communication, and continuous learning.

  • Contributing to peaceful, well-governed and secure societies, and stable operating environments.

  • Encouraging Mental health care facilities and providing access to affordable therapy's

  • Spreading awareness to reduce rate of HIV / AIDS positive .

  • Strengthening local  LGBTQ+ communities.

  • Sharing values that underpin economically and socially successful societies.

  • Empowering marginalized Transgender groups and reducing inequality.

Collaboration Benefits with TALMS.

Recognizing the intangibles of partnership.

Fulfilling mission, strengthening advocacy & community development for a stronger, long lasting social impact. Increase brand exposure and achieve brand loyalty.

Optimum utilization of funds.

Tax benefits under 12A & 80G. Save your money on CSR execution, administrative costs and build resilience. 

Different, yet complementary skills and goals.

To learn and share new skills, innovate new ideas and improve a range of


Supporting each others Cause.
Expanding the programme & improving awareness of your cause. More employee engagement, higher morale & leadership rate.

Currently in Collaboration with.

India HIV / AIDS Alliance 
Founded in 1999, Alliance India is a non-governmental organization operating in partnership with civil society, government and communities to support sustained responses to HIV in India that protect rights and improve health. Alliance India builds capacity, provides technical support and advocates to strengthen the delivery of effective, innovative, community-based HIV programmes to vulnerable populations affected by the HIV epidemic.


ATHI : Association for Transgender Health in India 

Celebrating all hues and colors of gender expression in nurturing environments of an inclusive society. ATHI seeks to achieve its vision through its subsidiary arms, namely: KHEM - ATHI’s Social Arm that aims to address the social aspects of Transgender Welfare & Indian Professional Association for Transgender Health(IPATH) - ATHI’s Professional Arm that provides a platform for medical professionals to engage in clinical and academic research and develop evidence-based protocols in Transgender Healthcare.

What are our Collaboration Options? 

Careernet : Talent Solution Provider.

Careernet is India’s leading talent solutions provider. They are the trusted partner for you to shape your teams with holistic solutions at scale, and candidates to realize their dream careers. If you’re a global employer starting in India, or an indigenous startup, or a large enterprise scaling up operations, your talent needs are at the heart of what we do. Careernet always see to it that the LGBT+ candidates find what they are searching for, to pursue as a long term career.

From finding the most passionate individual to looking for an entire team, they adept at helping your organization find the best talent. Careernet helps organizations discover markets, start business and scale up. And Careernet have been doing it all since 1999.


Reach out for Collaboration.

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