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Meraki Counseling : Mental Health Care Counseling Services for LGBTQ+  Community by the LGBTQ+ Mental Healthcare experts. Well-Being When Organizations initiate DEI activities some of the key factors are left behind Like the overall Wellbeing of their LGBTQ+ employee that includes Healthcare Benefits. Apart from generating employment opportunities for the LGBTQ+ Community there is a lot more that the HR department needs to manage and sometimes it is truly

overwhelming. Also LGBTQ+ community along with Livelihood issues deals with immense Emotional and Mental pressure all at the same time. Hence to ease the load of everyone involved, We initiated Counseling session services to address LGBTQ+ employees Mental health care challenges, While assisting the HR department with implementing impactful DEI Healthcare initiatives for their employees. The services are made accessible for individuals from the LGBTQ+ Community as an affordable cost.


Please Note : We are Not for Profit Organization and every single fee is directed towards our Charities Primary cause to help fellow community development.


Counseling Benefits for LGBTQ+ Employees.

Making Mental Health Counseling

Benefits available for your LGBTQ+

employees ( as not all insurance

covers the same)

LGBTQ+ Community Employee

Engagement involving the

community in overall all activities

apart from operations.

LGBTQ+ employee empowerment

making coming out easy & helping

them to express their identity


Enabling employees better

operational productivity post

emotional and mental healthcare


Lifting up their emotional and

mental baggage.

Creating Safe Space amongst other


Deriving insights and challenges

faced by your LGBTQ+ employee in

the current working environment.

Access to Professional Counselors

and better Healthcare facilities for

LGBTQ+ employees.


With us, Counseling for LGBTQ+ Individuals is always KIND.

Kept Confidential.
Insightful & Non- judgmental.
Non-bias & LGBTQ+ inclusive.
Delivered with empathy.


Our Counseling Team.

Our CEO for Meraki Services Mann Chavan a transgender man belonging from the LGBTQ+ community with 11 years of experience in the dynamics of

Human Resource Management. NLP Certified and HR Master degree holder, alongside his Professionals team members.



+ As a Matter of Livelihood we hire Certified Psychologist, Psychiatrist Doctors, NLP Coach & Mental healthcare experts from the LGBTQ+ Community for the LGBTQ+ community Mental Wellbeing.

Sharon Londhe

Head - Psychologist 

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