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Job Board for LGBTQ+ Community in India.

We have understood the emotional and  Livelihood needs of our LGBTQ+ Community members.

DEI is not enough. ERG is not Enough. Sensitization is not Enough.

We needs decision making roles and responsibility. We don't want to simply be a head count.

We want to be appreciated and honored as per our credibility and knowledge. 


TALMS Charity Foundation is partnering up with Corporates & Placement consultants who genuinely value our needs. Not just another job but a guide to assist us achieve our career and growth needs.

TALMS Charity foundation has listed below current job openings at center, corporates and government institutions whose work is closely related to the needs and interest of LGBTQ+ community.

Dear LGBTQ+ Candidates.

Please Fill in the form below. Make sure you have your Updated Portfolio / Resume ready for the upload. 

Let us show our corporates our LGBTQ+ Communities visibility and talent.  #lgbtjobs

Lets us aim to achieve Lateral Positions ( Managers and above ) Let us be a representation of our PRIDE. 




Let's get started on your CAREER >>

Are you out, proud and loud about your identity? Have you come out ?
Are you comfortable to be open about your identity in your new work place ?
Do you agree to be contacted by our Job Placement partners to reach you with potential career opportunities ?
Do you confirm your a member of the LGBTQ+ Community ?
Upload Updated Resume / CV
Thanks for submitting!
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