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"Meraki" is to do something with soul, creativity & love; to leave a part of us in our work.

Meraki Workshops, is an initiative by TALMS Charity foundation focused on LGBTQ+ Community's Holistic well-being with an intention to create awareness and implement strategic plan in the Medical Educational Institution, Healthcare Sector and Corporates to understand the challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community and collaborate together to make a everlasting social impact. Hence leading to a more diversified and inclusive form of learning and working experiences.


Workshop's Objective.

Understanding the Transgender Community under the term "Trans Umbrella"

Optimum use of CSR funds, to highlight your initiative and social impact through utilization of the available resources.

Promote transgender representation in healthcare sector.

Breakdown barriers faced by LGBTQ+ people in healthcare sector & medical Institutions.

Destigmatize the perceptions towards LGBTQ+ community.

Propose Customized Solution & process, action plans & policies for your diversity and inclusive initiative.

Sensitize healthcare professionals and employers about LGBTQ+ patients and employees respectively.

Identifying stigma around Identity, Attractions, sex & expressions.


Our Workshop Team.

Mr. Mann Chavan( He/Him/His) our Founder and Director, himself is a Professional from Human Resource department with over 11 years of Exp. in Recruitment & L&D.

As a Trans Man himself, He shares his experiences, Knowledge and systematic plans that can assist corporates like you to engage in a Holistic method of DEI & POSH policies.


Mann Chavan

Founder & Director

What makes our workshop unique is our team of professional Transgender individuals sharing their expertise's derived throughout their real life experiences of struggle & survival.​


Along with our team a well known Resource person from the LGBTQ+ community with decades of experience shall be on the panel to share their expertise &  knowledge.

(if requested for)


Who should consider executing Meraki Workshop? 

Government / Private Hospitals.

Government & Corporate offices with diversity, inclusion & LGBTQ+ healthcare policies.

NGO, Trust, foundations working towards betterment of LGBTQ+ Healthcare facilities.

Pharmaceuticals / Medical manufacturers.

Medical Educational Institutions / Universities.

Allied & Healthcare professionals.


Our Clients

Aditya Birla Education Trust - M Power


Reach out to us to Know more on Meraki Workshop.

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