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"Meraki" is to do things with your soul, creativity & love; to leave a part of us in our work.

Meraki Services, is an initiative by TALMS Charity foundation a not for profit organization, with a focus on LGBTQ+ Community's Holistic well-being.

  • Livelihood / Employment Opportunities for LGBTQ+ Healthcare Professionals

  • Collaborating together with LGBTQ+ Community resource persons.

  • Making Mental Healthcare Counseling sessions affordable and easily accessible.

  • Executing Diversity, Equity & Inclusive Awareness Workshops with Holistic approach for Corporates.

  • Raise CSR funding's for our TALMS Charity Foundation's primary cause.

Focused on Destigmatizing 

Corporates about LGBTQ+ Community.

An Initiative for addressing the needs of LGBTQ+ Community, for over all Holistic Wellbeing of the Corporates.

Focused on LGBTQ+ Mental Healthcare Counseling

An Initiative keeping Livelihood and Mental Healthcare Counseling accessible for our LGBTQ+ Community.


Reach out to us for more details on Meraki Services.

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