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Would you choose to Declutter Your Mind with a few Tips?

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Your home … it’s a place to sleep, eat, raise a family, entertain friends. But home is so much more than that. It’s a place to manifest your best self, your best life and to dream the dream for yourself and those you love.

Does the collective space in your home consciously restore you — or is it time to create a special, dedicated area to relax and recharge?.

I understand the entire #transitioning is already a bit Heavy on your mind and may be me asking you to leave those thoughts behind for a bit and rewind yourself by cleaning your space, might make no sensce to you right now .

But look around, you may be procrastinating a task in Hand for a long time and you have no reference or reason delay things. The energies around you may not be helping you to move forward and make those positive changes or maybe they are simply not letting you take a leap of faith and start you #transitioning process to its next level.

Before you declutter your mind and your thoughts how about decluttering and disowning everything you do not need anymore , your old clothes, shoes , bags etc. and than disown your unwanted thoughts.


1. Choose a relaxing palette — Science supports the psychology of colour, which has a significant impact on mood and you know very well the mood swings that comes along with your Hormonal Therapy. Bring calming colours — particularly blues and neutrals — into your space. In smaller spaces and in accents, white lends a bright, airy and clean feel.

2. Delight in the details — Neutral colours, natural textures, soft lighting and comfortable seating all contribute to a relaxing atmosphere. Choose lamps and fixtures that not only accent a room in style, but also provide soothing hues.

Details personalize your space; always incorporate items that reflect you. Pieces that bring you back to the best of yourself,” including artwork, spiritual items, stones, or your favourite chair and pillow.

3. Welcome the outdoors in — Being outside in nature can boost your wellbeing in many ways; why not bring a bit of the outdoors into your living space? Plants are more than just pretty decoration; they’ve actually been proven to stave off stress, elevate mood and improve cognitive function.

4. Form follows function — When you reflect on your home environment, emphasizes the importance of keeping each room’s purpose in mind. Create a space that honours a room’s primary function — in a way that aligns with your style. Even a kitchen can be a relaxing space if it is conducive to your cooking style and inspires you.

5. Tune in to your senses — While your eyes take in the overall mood of a room, don’t ignore your other senses. Smells, sounds and textures all contribute to a room’s vibe. Ambient music, playing softly in the background, relaxes without distracting. Drape soft, fluffy blankets over the arm of a couch. Use candles, reeds and oil diffusers to add hints of lavender, vanilla, jasmine and pine, which all have calming properties, to a room.

I hope by now you realize the purpose of this blog , You don't need a stress relief pill, you need some fresh air and a safe space, were you can connect with your true self with ease. I Hope you will help yourself. Declutter soon.

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