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Could there be a different approach to change this situation?

Updated: May 19, 2021

Please note this Blog may bring up some sensitive topics. If you disagree or have a different point of view about them than that's okay.

This Blog and the points covered in here needs to be addressed as they are out there in the world creating some serious damage to the mankind and we as a community are carrying difference in opinion that are not helping any of us.

Plus there are some inner fights that you may be witnessing as a women. Its about the wish and willingness to conceive. I would personally like you to heal on such emotions. We will discuss the same today. Keep Reading.

Question : So will a Infertile Women be anything less of a Women ?

This question is for those to understand that having a uterus or not being able to have your monthly periods or not being able to carry a baby in your womb makes you nothing less of a women.

Aren't there enough of your personal issue as a women to deal with that someone has to question your identity based on your menstrual cycle .

You owe no one an explanation, no one at all.

You got no time for this BS.You first got to Accept the Truth.
You got to accept yourself.

There is nothing wrong in accepting the fact that your body, mind and soul didn't connect to you before as a child and so you choose to transition to be more of yourself and that you choose to change your false reality, because it was not serving you and that it did not match what you were suppose to be Born as.

Self Acceptance is required in order to identity that no one can prove you wrong for what you choose as your current reality.

Your transition was your personal call and accepting the fact that you already knew it was going to get a bit tougher with every step and that the world and everyone in it will create obstacles and judge you for the choices you make.

So How come now few social media post and a alien world, triggered you emotionally and question your existence as a women ?

You choose to be a women and you are one.Period.

It is your life and you owe no one an explanation not even to your close family and friends.

You explained yourself enough although you knew that the acceptance from others would always be a struggle you choose to struggle and gave your precious time and power in explaining yourself to other.

Why Are you still doing it ? please realize you might end up letting the years of your life fly by but you might end up disappointing yourself by trying to look for acceptance from the outer world.

Self love is more important than what your doing now to please others.

Please read the blog : People Pleaser to get over this traits and make use of the tools in there to break this time consuming people pleasing habit.

Your not answerable for your choices and if people question you being a women , half women, no women or any other term know that they are not judging you.

They are judging themselves. May be they had a bad childhood too and that as a women or a man they were never able to live in their true identity ever and most of their life they have not healed or learn to value themselves and to understand the value of another living being.

I understand, that does not give anyone a right to judge you or hurt your feelings.

But what action do you plan to take in such case. Are you going to raise your voice, argue, judge them back, sue them, fight out loud for your rights and than what ?

You go back home, they go back home and they choose to be the same and you end up loosing your night, feeling insulted, hurt , ashamed , abused , judged. Believe me they went back to being who they were and you got back home with a lot more of stress and anxiety by simply defending and explains yourself. You were actually feeding to their ego and their point of view.They wanted you to react and they got the reaction out of you.

When you come across a situation like this or anything else were you do not agree to the other persons point of view. Simple reply saying " Interesting " and walk away.

No it does not make you a loser by walking away. Some arguments are pointless and will only drag you and your energy down .

Choose to protect your happiness and peace of mind over other peoples absurd bargains.

You made a wise choice for you . By not staying up there to beat up your self-esteem.Your time, Your life is much more valuable than you think. Start Honouring Yourself.

If you feel you need a push or tools to rebuilt your Self Confidence and know how to tackle such situation without loosing yourself. Than please read the Blog Below. I hope you will implement those tools and not just read them.

Remember if you got to change the world, You got to change yourself first.
Get in your Power. Be you.

The above points were to discuss that the world and the people in it are not all the same and if you choose to walk in a Jurassic park that's what you will get. But if you choose to walk towards calmer water, quieter places you will end up having a beautiful day and meet some amazing people.

Let the world claim that if a women cant bleed she is anything less than a women, don't let their point of view put you down.

I wonder what point of view they may have about a FTM transitioning who gave up uterus, ovaries and monthly champs. To be more into the identity they wanted to be as a Man.

Will a TransMan be anything less if he decide not to have babies ? and will the world be ok that even after his bottom surgery he might medically not be able to help a women conceive.

I wish the Medical was advanced enough were a FTM could donate his organs for transplant to help womens in need to conceive. Hopefully Doctors could figure that out someday.

None the Less we are who we are and non of us is any less.
Surely Different But nothing less.

I hope I could clear up your mind and a bit of the negativity out there in the world and that Humanity will be restored again without any accusations.

My Main aim to right this blog is for all the Beautiful women's #transitioning right now.

I have couple of friends transitioning and they are amazing , they are strong, vibrant, energetic, beautiful, caring , loving, bold yet they break down.

They Break down on a point that I believe hurts every women who would like to start a family and have kids.

As a Man, I know I can not witness the agony that my friends are into. But as a friend I would like to say something . Hoping it heals the most sensitive side of you.

The fact is after transitioning from FTM . I feared the fact that what will happen when I marry someone . Which is something i wish to do someday. Will that women accept the fact that although I can make love to her but unfortunately cant get her pregnant ever. And that the only Hope to start a family will be adoption or surrogacy. Will she be open to this taught ? and will she accept this as a our reality ?

This though Haunted me a lot to a point I was scared of coming out or dating someone. Although I always mention my transition before I could practically date someone I had a fear that I knew this person would leave me as things would get real and that's were it will all end.

I was always ready for the ending before anything else. except this was not my case with my soulmate : read the blog soulmate to know what is that I am talking about.

Similarly my friend opens up to me, telling me that she can't accept the fact that she can't get pregnant and start her own family and that no man or his family would accept her for not being able to conceive.

Today women's and men's in general face infertility, its just as common as fever. But yet its kept as a secret. No partner is to blamed. They are capable of so much more together.

Till today men's are claimed men or women's are claimed women based on the fact if they can bear a child or not.

This is judging a person to a next level of insanity. Its like You question their identity based on their sperm count and uterus Functionality.

Believe Me.Trans right are Human Rights too. But its sad to know the rights that our community are claiming for did not ever served any Humans till date.

I am sorry. I know it hurts to know you can't conceive the way you want to. But if you choose motherhood no one can stop you from being a mom.

You are so dam caring, loving, nurturing and that any man would love to raise kids with you and its the loss of the Man if he failed to see what an amazing wife and mother you can be.

And if a man has to leave you because you cant give him or his family a baby. Guess what, than that wasn't long lasting love you were hoping for. If he loves you he should accept you and your choices.I wish to be a father someday too and I wish I could raise a family with someone just as amazing as you.

You made some bold choices as you transitioned you choose a new reality a new life and a new journey . I am so proud of all the beautiful women's reading this Blog.

Don't let a Man, or his family or the world tell you how to be a Mother.

He can be an addition to you and raise the family together or he can choose not to be around at all.Either way you can still adopt and choose to be a Mom.

Mother Teresa Did not have a child of her own but she was still a mother to so many orphans.

You are a blessing to the world, as you will adopt and bring home a child and give the child a new life , just like a new start a new birth.

That day as you will witness your Motherhood, the child will have a Mom too. What a beautiful day that will be?

So don't you ever question your own womanhood and existence.

You are a women of substance .
Your are a women of value.
You are Beautiful.
I am so proud of you.

Sending much love.

Mann Chavan

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