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Nature ! wants to help you , will you receive ?

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Spending even five minutes a day engaged in physical activity outside in the natural world benefits your mental and physical health. “Even if this isn’t news to you, it’s a powerful reminder to take advantage of nature’s myriad benefits,”

“Nature levels the playing field. Nobody can say they can’t afford nature, and nobody — no matter how busy — can say that they can’t find five minutes in their day to get outside.”


In average 90 percent of people spend their life indoors. The next time you’re tempted to stay in and watch TV, or to eat lunch at your desk, get up and get outdoors to reap the benefits of time spent in nature.

You need not go far at all, open your Main door , take off your shoes and step on the ground or grass barefooted, stay still or walk and feel the mother earth healing you through her energies. Feel the earth taking down all your pain and Grounding you for a better today & Tommorow.

The simple act of going outside leads to:

  • Increased Vitamin D — Vitamin D is necessary for optimal health; it affects our cognitive functioning, immune system and bone health. It also aids in the prevention of cancer, hormonal problems, obesity and inflammation.

  • Better sleep — Exposure to bright, natural sunlight during the day and darkness at night helps set the body’s internal clock, alerting us to when it’s time to eat and sleep, and normalizing hormonal functions that occur at specific times throughout the day. Lack of natural light during our waking hours and exposure to artificial light in the evening disrupts these rhythms, negatively affecting our sleep and energy.

  • Elevated mood — Exposure to natural sunlight has been linked with a lower incidence of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). And because time spent outside is often dedicated to more active pursuits than time spent indoors, the physical activity will likely leave you feeling happier and more relaxed. In fact, if you forgo your indoor workout and get outdoors to exercise, you’ll experience greater energy, feelings of revitalization and positive engagement, as well as less tension, anger, depression and confusion.

  • Higher productivity — people’s attention spans and memory performance improved by 20 percent after just an hour surrounded by nature. Researchers reported that people who were steeped in nature for a few days saw a 50 percent increase in creativity and focus.

  • Faster healing — Scientific evidence shows that hospital patients who are exposed to natural light tend to have shorter stays, fewer complications, less stress and pain, and require fewer pain medications.


Remember all of that time you spent complaining about the cold this winter? That’s going to happen again, so take advantage of the summer!

So whether it’s a walk down the street after dinner, biking to work, or a weekend camping trip, take the time to make your natures connection stronger — and reap the mental and physical health rewards!

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