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Empowering Trans Business Visibility #TBiz

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Why cant we believe that we can get an opportunity for free ?

At Trans.Alms Charity Organisation when we say Free we mean it no hidden cost, no surprises. Promise!!!

Believe Me. its Simply a good deed.

Why I do ? and what I do ? is all mentioned in this About Page. Please Read.

We decided as a Team that we should work on the Vows we recently published on our latest Blog for Pride Month.

You should read it too and find out ways how you can support the community. In your own little way. ❤

Blog :

One of which is to support the local LGBTQ+ business and we felt a need to do the same for Transgender Community specifically .

No we are not Bias. We already play a part in supporting the LGBTQ+ community by sponsoring their cause in our own little way.

#TBiz is exclusive towards Transgender Folk as most of the masses visiting TAlms or applying on our website for surgery grants are Trans Individuals who are currently #transitioning and have limited resources to fund their HRT or Pre Medicines, post surgery care, layoff time, unpaid medical leaves, rental, medicines etc. every expense comes with a price tag and non of the tag is cheap.

We decided to give you a medium to take care of that extra money so you are able to independently save money aside and start your surgery process with a bit of a ease.

We believe that by Listing your business, professional services etc. on our site for free.

You will be able to receive more Business through our site visitors and in return you will do the same to support others. Its a win win.

Hope the integrity of our Initiative is respected and that all will support such Businesses and first make a vow to help each other within the community.

Trans.Alms spend a decent amount of cost on running the site and managing the monthly operations. We though why not everyone in a start up Business, Freelancing or offering professional services who cannot afford to have a website and manage running the marketing ads and its expense get a Free platform to list their talent and Business.

We are dedicating a Page on our site for our Initiative to support Transgender Business Visibility. You can choose to make complete use of this platform or help someone who runs their own services use this opportunity.

I am a strong Believer of Business. Although I did a good share of corporate jobs for 12 years as a Human Resource Professional in the dynamics of Recruitment & Training .

I always wanted to be Independent and make my own decision and own my Proprietorship. Some were far better than other and some didn't last longer I truly wished I had the kind of financial support that I currently have but I Never Gave up. Because later or sooner Money will always follow your passion.

And that's why I am abundant now.

One advise If your someone salaried . That's Cool. But always pursue your passion on the side. A little something that you always wanted or wished to do. so one day you can own and charge people for your professional services or Business and earn a lot more than your current pay check.

I understand the need for #transition and the need for money.

Lot of people believe money is evil and so on. I don't Believe this BS.

Love is Love and Money is Money.

Love Money and Let it show up

Following your passion or running your Business is just one of it.

Receive. You have already achieved so much and you can achieve so much more.

Let's support our fellow Trans Community.

Switch towards them and you will feel much prettier and empowered that you could buy the right things from the right place for the right cause.

List Your Business or Professional Services Now and let the world know your existence through your creativity, your services and through your powerful visionary Business Mind.

Sending Much Love and support.

Mann Chavan

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