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Hope this will bring in more clarity & answer all your doubt's.

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

Our Initiative is that we provide direct financial assistance to trans folks who cannot afford their gender-affirming surgery.

Surgery is a life-changing experience for many trans folks, not only positively affecting our self-confidence and body image, but also our ability to live freely and authentically when out in public, at the workplace.

The Surgery Fund aims to connect as many applicants as possible with the care they urgently need to live authentic lives.

This initiative is intended to help trans folks who otherwise can not afford these services. Please only apply if you are truly in need of support.

Hope this Frequently asked question Help you to get the clarity on what to expect from us and what is excepted from you as an applicant.

1. Can I apply if I have health insurance?

YES, you may still apply for assistance. 70% of applicants had health insurance but were unsure if their care would be covered. Many had already had their procedure specifically denied or excluded from their plan or were simply unable to meet their deductible and afford the care they need.

2. Do I have a deadline to apply for the grants? is there a grant cycle?

NO, We do not operate as per deadline or yearly grant cycles. We kept the availability for all applicant to apply anytime during 365 Days.

3. Will I receive a reply about my application?

YES, The moment you click the submit button once you have completed the application you will receive an automated acknowledgement email sent to your email id mentioned on your application. Post which you will receive our personalized follow up email within 2 weeks or less. Sometimes it can be just days.

4. Can i edit my application after i submit it ?

NO, The application is a brief set of question covering your past history, present and future plans. Please make sure your application is complete and explained well. Make this one shot count.

5. Can I apply for two or more surgeries at a time?

NO, we approve only One surgery per applications. You can choose to apply later for the next surgery post 6 months from receiving of the first grant.

6. Can I apply for funding for medical loans or expenses for a surgery I have already had?

NO, Unfortunately we don't deal with banks and their procedures to clear any dues. Also the reason being we would like the fund to be received my applicants who aren't able to do their surgery yet.

7. Can I apply if I live in a different country ?

YES, you can . our grants process is open for everyone worldwide and you can choose to do the surgery in your country itself.

8. Are there any other ways to apply for the grants? can I mail the application?

NO, we solely accept application on our website only.

9. Are there any charges , fees , cost involved in the application process or later?

NO, our organization will not charge you a single penny during the entire grant process. Promise. All services provided are free of charge including #TBiz - Business Listings

10. Is ##### an eligible surgery procedure for grants ?

YES, anything that requires you to get the surgery during #transitioning as a part of transformation is accepted.

11. Do you cover doctors consultation charges, travel cost, medicinal cost etc.?

NO, we do not cover consultation charges or others expenses consist of pre surgery cost BUT we provide a 5% post surgery care amount as an addition + to the total surgery cost.

12. Is there a age requirement ?

YES, Like most surgeons would ask for , we require you to be 18 at the time of your surgery in order to apply. Maximum age limit is 45yrs old.You can choose to apply if your 45+ but only 5% post surgery care of the surgery cost shall be approved as a grant.

13. Can i raise funds on other fund raising sites or with other organizations at the same time?

NO, the reason being you cannot apply for the same surgery with two different organizations. it marks as money laundering and we surely do not want to be part of such cases. You can choose to raise fund for any other surgery than the one you have applied with us.

14. Do we have a monthly grant Budget ? How many people we grants a month ?

YES, Our monthly Budget as of now is $50,000. We aim to help approx. 10 -15 or more applicants in a month.

15. Do you have a max grant amount ?

YES, as of now $10,000 is the max one applicant can be approved per surgery.

16. Will I receive a letter for grant approval or denial ? Who decides how the grants are awarded ?

YES. you will be official sent a letter on the organizations letter head mentioning the final decision of the organization. The amount will be Mentioned on the Approval letter. in case of denial you shall be intimated too.

Our founder and our team takes the decision for the awards post careful examination and verifications.

17. Are the grants from the government or private company ?

NO, our grants are personally funded by our founder and has no government or private funding as of now. We may consider raising fund in the future if we may decide.

18. Are the funds Legal ?

YES, our founder has earned the funds and a part of it is heritage from his ancestors.

19. How long will the entire grant process be ?

It ideally depends upon the applicants documentation and how soon can the applicant consult their doctors and get us all the proofs. If everything goes well and on time than the entire process from applying to receiving the grants can take around 4 to 6 weeks or more or less.

20. Can I be Banned from applying for grants?

YES, if your documents are found malicious or during our verification process we found the application and its intend is not valid. You will be no more eligible to apply for any grants with us.

21. Is there a need for me to be on HRT ?

YES, applicants need to have proof of their ongoing HRT and should not be less than 1year.

Note for few surgery grants You need to be on HRT for minimum 3 Years.

Hope we could cover most of your doubts if you have anymore please email us at

Please know more info by visiting this Pages

💟Know the process / How it works :

💟Read Our Polices :

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