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Men's who Bleed every month, are more than just their body.

Menstruation is not just a “woman's thing”. Periods can be a pain—especially if you experience gender dysphoria.

If you are someone #transition from FTM and relate to the next few lines you should surely read the entire Blog.

  • When my period arrive, the dysphoria is most unpleasant.

  • I try to hide it and pretend I don't even get one.

  • “Menstruation is a reminder that my body will never be the way I want it”

  • I feel weird carrying around pads and Tampons.

  • Using Men's toilets during menstruation is a huge task.

  • I have nightmares about sanitary towels and Tampons.

  • Its difficult to wear a padding along with my pads.

  • I always found it traumatic to be reminded that I’m female-bodied and bleed every month.

I personally know how this feels and I know its lot more than this .

Been there, done that.
Bro, I feel you.

Society in general still views menstruation as strictly a thing that cis gender women experience—which is simply not the case. Not everyone who gets a period is a woman, and not every woman gets a period.

At 11years old, I started menstruating. I knew I was meant to be a Man since I was 13.By the time I was 14, I wanted people to address me as he/him and I legally changed my name to Mann when I was 18....those 5 years from 13 to 18 year of my age were the toughest time of my life to convince everyone about my identity specifically when they knew I Bleed every month.

Getting a period made me feel like less of a man, even though my teenage self already identified as male. I, too, used to associate periods solely with cis gender women. In my eyes, a period was the opposite of masculine, and so my ego and internalized expectations of male dominance were enough to convince me to bottle it up and speak about it with no one.

For trans men, this can be an added challenge that makes you even more hyperaware of the parts of your body that don't necessarily feel like "you."

Plus To strap down and minimize the appearance of breasts is uncomfortable, and it made it a struggle to breathe at times. Getting changed in a locker room afterwards wasn't nice either. I avoided swimming and other activities where someone may see or touch that part of my body more closely.

I had my top surgery done, when I was 19.

Although I managed to do my top surgery. I wished I could have reconsider spending my surgery money. I realized this over time as I struggled and waited to get funds together for my Uterus and Ovaries Removal ( Hysterectomy )

I felt, I should have done this before my top surgery. I know in most cases to pass in the society and workspace is what the first though is but managing to deal with the whole monthly cycle over and over again is a stressful thing we all go through secretly.

The difference between dealing with a period and having breasts was that I could hide my lumps, but my period pain and cramps came knocking on my door monthly and I could not ignore it.

Plus the uncertainty of having them come anytime was too much stress as once your on HRT you know that they can come in a month or in months and surprise you anytime, anywhere.

I didn't like having breasts, but they didn't cause me the same discomfort that my periods did.

Now I am 32 year old, and I haven't bleed since I was 24. But the time between my top surgery and Hysterectomy was overwhelming .

Money Money Money. Was one of the biggest issue than .

To take up any job that pays you decent enough that you can save aside for the surgery also to pass in the workspace as a CIS Man and to do this while you wearing heavy padding along with your menstrual pads is not a easy job. Its not a joke.

Many of you who are currently in this situation do not even consider this as a big deal anymore , the whole struggle is just so much of a everyday thing that you do not take a pause to appreciate .

What your going through for the entire #transition and how far you have come is remarkable.
I am so proud of you and your journey .
Its high time, that you start appreciating yourself too. Not just for your body and neither for your mental state of mind
Anyone who has been going through this or has gone through.
You my friend are a true Gentle Men.
I am so Fucking proud of you.

One more thing with us is we choose not to take financial help from our family and friends because we know we would pressure them for something that they don't want us to peruse.

Or simple our Male ego gets into the way to get the financial assistance that we truly need.

Me too had to deal it my way on my own and I am sure many of you reading this blog are all in on your own.

Currently your finances or your unwillingness is the only thing that can hold you back with getting over this monthly cycle and that's why I choose to form Trans.Alms Charity Organization. as a steady medium to assist those individuals who stand up tall for their transition and would like to achieve it on their own.

Today I can honestly say that I am a lot happier, because my mind and body are in somewhat of an agreement, rather than battling each other. And not for a single second do I miss my period.

For anyone who might be navigating this right now, I get it. You should know that what you're going through is normal, and that it's OK to not feel like yourself.

A period in and of itself can be uncomfortable for any individual, and being transgender adds another emotional layer to that.

Over the years I've realized that it’s silly for me to allow one bodily function to control how I feel about myself. The body you were given was not your choice. And for plenty of people, whether we like it or not, getting a period is just a part of the anatomy you were given.

One thing we can control is how we react to and discuss matters like this. It's time for open, inclusive conversations about natural bodily functions to become the norm for all people.

Know uterus does not dictate who you are, it does not have that kind of control over your life.
You must refuse to let it. No one should let it, whether you were born with one or not.
Remember . Your always loved.
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