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Would you trust us as we trust you ?

Updated: May 9, 2021

We want you to trust us with our process, with our grants, with our charity ,with our organizational activities. But sometime no matter what the dought you may have from other incidents in your personal life or because of several scams in the world its difficult to trust a person or an organization.

I know its already difficult for you to believe that why will any organization take an initiative to grant any Transgender for their #transitioning process.

The Answer is I Mann Chavan the founder of Trans.alms have transitioned from a FTM and i am Proud of my transition . Today as I am in a place in my life were I am financially abundant I choose to make my Life purpose about sharing my abundance with my fellow friend in the transition process so I can ease their struggle and they don't have to face the financial crunch and burden i faced during my early stages of transition.

Money is a crucial aspect of the entire transitioning process and I know it because I have faced it. None of your surgeries can be done if you don't have enough money in hand . Your doctors can help you with the surgery but not your fundings. Its your key responsibility to manage to make it on your own or get help from your family and friends. Who may or may not be supportive of your transition.

Or your country or government may or may not support your surgery cost

or your work insurance may or may not consider to provide you insurance.

or your insurance may or may not cover SRS or cosmetic surgeries.

What ever the case may be finances at this point are crucial .

When i started my transition I had no insurance, no proper paying job, no society support . I struggled, I faced the pain your in today and I choose to help as many people I can who are currently in a place I was before.

Now please don't question the authenticity of my funds. Our family had an ancestral lands that has been sold and thats were I have all the money from.We may also choose in the future to raise funds from all available sources.

I could have done my own Huge business and never ever work at all. But I choose something better I choose You. and your transition.

I wish I could hug you before you entered the surgical room , hold your hand as you heal in the process. But for now I will help you with the funds. I hope that will help ?

Yes this is all too good to be true . Yes it is scary to believe something will come to you with ease and there won't be any struggle anymore.

But Dear . isn't this what you wanted .

Didn't you ask for some ease ?

Didn't you wanted to wake up to the body you were always meant to be in.

Well here is an opportunity take it or leave it .

I want force change, It is your willingness to receive.

I hope you open yourself to receive love , help and healing.

A recent enquiry on our website gave me an urge to explain and clarify the need on

Why the documentations are mandatory ?

Before I explain let me share you a link , This are the policies of our organization, that explains in detail everything you need to know about your security and safety of your information you provide on our website.

Know more :

It took me a while to explain out to you that i am legit. But I am sure there are still people reading this Blog not convinced completely about me and if the organization is being legit.

In such case let me ask you .

How can we trust you that you are in a transitioning process and your intention is not making money out of us ?

Well in such case we have to make some documentations mandatory to verify the same.

So what are we looking at ?

1.) Age Proof with an Photo I'd ( Driving licence, employee I'd , school I'd , passport or any ) which includes your photo, name and date of birth.

Reason :

  • Date of birth on your document proves your above 18+ age and legal to apply for grants.

  • Your name on your document . proves your the same person applying for the funds as on the application.

  • Your Photo stands as a proof in the later step were your assigned a Video Call with me for 30 min to discuss the grants and process. At that point it verifies that the person applying and on the document and the video call is the same person and that the application is valid.

The following process is mandatory because although our fundings are personal we still process as a charity organization and we need to abide and follow the rules and legality for the fundings.

Your documentation makes your grants legal and makes you receiving it an easy process.

2. Letter from the physiatrist

mentioning your reason for SRS and addressing your transition need.

( This is a mandate document every doctors would ask for )

3. Doctors Letter mentioning your current Hormone Therapy ( This is a mandate document every doctors would ask for )

Trust Us . To Trust You.

I hope all your doubts are cleared.

Please Do not Assume.

If you may have any concerns or questions please reach out.

Email :

Sending Much Love.


Mann Chavan

( Founder ) @ trans.alms

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