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Your not alone. You complete the LGBTQ+ community.

Happy Pride Month! Happy June.

As we are aware this month is a time dedicated to celebrating and supporting the LGBTQ community. Whether you identify as LGBTQ+ or are an ally, everyone can join in the celebration of love.

love is love

It’s great to attend a parade and dress in your best rainbow clothing, but it’s also important to engage in ways that can make a lasting impact!

Here are some great ways to celebrate Pride Month: Even if you manage to do one or a two from the list it will make a great difference and impact our entire community positively.

1. Donate time or money to LGBTQ organizations

All though we have the willingness and we are aware about this . We tend to get occupied with our personal life or our priorities with our finances get in the way to help others and that okay.

You can do this or you can choose to do something else from the list. Keep Reading till the end to find out the different ways to support.

There are lots of organizations that advocate for LGBTQ+ folks. These organizations do everything from fighting for LGBTQ rights and offering health services, to providing education grants and managing emergency helplines. These organizations need your donations of money and time. So donate or volunteer!

As you give you shall receive

A 10$ bill may not be a big amount for you but will make a lot of difference for someone trying to raise funds for their surgery, rent or for their family expense etc. No cause goes unnoticed when you are willing to help someone the universe choose to help you back in million different ways. So this time may be you can save aside a bit from your parade costume and choose to help your friends who currently need your support the most.

Find out some local centers in your area to help or if you can't find one around you, look up online . there are thousand listed trying to fund their needs and get some support from you.

Make a difference with your existence. Make it count even if it cannot be done in a monetary way you can choose to volunteer or choose to be a medium to help the community with your physical presence or awareness.

Spread the word, share the fund raising post of your friends and help them be helped.

Use your creative side and imagination. I am sure you will come up with a beautiful idea of your own to help everyone and all. And share those idea with people so they can too benefit from the good deed.

Remember as you give you shall receive.

2. Support LGBTQ+ Businesses

We all shop. Yes we do, we all love shopping our favourite brands, cosmetics, bags, shoes etc.

It’s so important to shop smart and buy local, and there’s no better time than Pride Month to start supporting local businesses owned by LGBTQ+ friends.

This goes unsaid anytime of the year. Look for Brands and Business that you like to shop and belongs to.

Not all But many of us reading this Blog right now have witnessed unemployment or less paid wages. When you help a business that is run by someone who may have faced the similar situation, you elevate yourself and the person and not just their business but the entire community .

Switch towards them and you will feel much prettier and empowered that you could buy the right things from the right place for the right cause.

And one day when you choose to open up a business of your own guess who would come back to you … The Business and people you helped today will show up for you and support your goals. Its a win win for all.

Plus as a Business owner myself, I believe when you run a business you can help and Hire people from the community who struggle to get a job.

3. Detach from Negativity.

Whether you identify as LGBTQ+ or not, it is so important to understand the issues that impact our community. Most of them are outside influence I mean the media, social media, political and other.

No there is no Hatred !!! Its just difference in peoples opinions and their interesting point of views.

Just As you may have a Best friends but may not necessarily agree to all the point of views. In the similar manner you got to learn to respect the difference and still choose to be you. Know in real the whole community are one . We operate as a family and we are no one to judge ourselves or others for the choices that are made.

Its all Okay . Its not necessary that because we are a family we have to agree to each other. But because we are family we need to respect the members of our family. Every one has equal rights to express and to be honored.

Most of the topic like Binary or Non Binary Transgender or other such topics are vast and we don't need to be a victim of who decides who should be right or wrong.

Why don't we all take a pause. and focus on ourselves while we do our bit. We are all here to live our life and most of the time our lives have not been easy. So let's just say we are family and families do end up in an argument. Let's not spoil the whole idea of humanity.

Let's just live and let live .

And if others don't let you live . Than let go of that or them. Don't stick there defending your point your view. You see life is much more valuable than you think. You have achieved so much

on your own so far and your in process of getting better each day and so are others. Do not de moralize yourself or others. We are all together in this fight for Humanity and justice. everyone is living a secret Battle that we are not aware of at all.

Be Kind. Remember Love is Love

This Pride let there be peace within the community . Choose and Believe in love only if you want to see a better world for all of us in it. Make self acceptance easy for all.

4. Read LGBTQ+

It is essential to add some LGBTQ authors to your reading list, especially during Pride Month. There are so many amazing authors out there telling incredible stories. Not sure where to start? Get your reading on with wonderful books or blogs that include everything from humorous essays, to a heart wrenching graphic novel.

Read to Heal.

With all the amazing authors our there from our LGBTQ+ community there is so much to learn and get inspired from. I am no author, but I have experienced some intense and heartfelt lessons just like yours. I blog Because I feel I can reach a larger audience, who may need to know that there are not alone. If you feel my Blogs are helpful , Share them so a lot more people can be helped and Healed.

Next time if your choose to Read or listen to a audible book on friction or ghost stories or comic or any other. Choose to pick one that speaks out to you about the current reality. A self help or a Real life story has so much more to offer. Not just that it will help you learn, it will heal you from all the stages of your life, were you have felt alone and lonely.

If your companion is a Book than be rest assured it will never leave you.

5. Be you.

Pride Month is about so much more than rainbow flags and colorful parades. It is also about recognizing and remembering the struggles that LGBTQ+ folks have faced throughout history. It is so important to remember our history. We are able to celebrate Pride Month today because of the fight and struggle of all those who came before us.

So honour yourself in the honour for them who started the whole parades.

This walk was not an easy one back than and its sure not any rosy now either. But we have come a long way. We all as individuals have seen so much to be proud of. Every person has a story as a community its amazing the way we can relate and connect to each others struggles.

Love yourself and be proud of your journey.

When there are days that you feel low. remind yourself that your enough and that your not alone. your an important part of a community that stands by you.

You can make a change, Your the change. be you and by simple Being you. You have honoured the entire community.

6. Beyond Pride Month

Everything included on this list is something that you can do every single month of the year! Pride Month is about love, acceptance and being proud of who you are. So whether it’s at a pride parade cheering on your favourite drag queens or at home trying to decide what book to read before bed, you can celebrate and support the LGBTQ+ community every single day.

I trust you, You are power and you make me feel complete.
Thank You.
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