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How it Works ?

This page shall explain you how the application process works? What's expected of you?  What documentation is mandatory to proceed? What

to expect from us? Timeline for the approvals of funding and more. Please Note: There is no application cost and all our services are completely free.

Step 1 # Applying

Application for Transgender Surgery Grants are accepted on our website only. All services with us are free of cost. 

The TEdu - Trans Education applications are accepted while you are an existing applicant, who have applied with us for the surgery grants.


Before Applying: 

Please read the Q & A for Surgery Grants: Hope this will bring in more clarity & answer all your doubt's. (

Step 2 # Post Applying

You will receive an automated acknowledgment email on your email address that confirms your submission.


Do NOT reply to this email.

Make sure your email id mentioned during the application process is  working.

Step 3 # Verification

We shall verify your application which may take 2 to 3 weeks based on the number of applications to be scrutinized.


Please be patient we would reach you shortly.

Please read here why documentation is mandatory and verified : Would you trust us as we trust you ? (

Step 4 # Personalized Email .

After reviewing your application. We shall send you a personalized email.


This email shall include the next step to proceed further.  At this point, if there are any additional documents required, they shall be communicated out to you. 


Post which an Appointment shall be scheduled for you.


Appointments shall be Fixed as per your time zone.

Step 5 # 1st Round of Interview

Your availability is expected on the appointment Date and time.


Such Video Call appointment are conducted Via our Trans.Alms What's App number or Instagram account.

( What's App Number is only shared to you on your personalized email  )


The Call shall be for around 30 - 60 min with our team member Sharon Londhe ( Counselor Psychologist)

In this step your application shall be discussed in detail, your surgery needs and grants needs shall be addressed too.

Step 6 # MOU 

Post the completion of the 1st Interview Call an MOU - Memorandum of understanding shall be sent across to you via email. 

The MOU will consist of all the points that were discussed during the first call. The same shall be accepted by you via email so both the parties are on the same page.

Details like

  1. Requirement for Doctors consultation letter for Surgery Grant

  2. Turn around Time for you to complete the consultations with the doctors

  3. Confirming your priority surgery.

  4. What is covered and what is not covered by us as grants.

  5. Insurance deductibles if any and more.

Step 7 # Final Call.

Post acceptance of the MOU and getting your doctors consultation and cost for your surgery.

We will assign a 30 - 60 min call with our Founder Mann Chavan.

Post discussion and careful examination of your application, the grants will be approved or denied. 

The same shall be communicated to you via email post the call.


A Grant month will be assigned to you, in case of approval. 

Step 8  # Self Declaration.

No matter what the decision is made by our organization you shall receive an email acknowledging the same.

In case of approval, The email will consist of a Virtual Self Declaration agreement.

  • Which consist of all the Points discussed and agreed upon both parties with the grants Till date.


The same has to be agreed upon by the applicant.

  • The Agreement will also consist of Bank detail requirement we would need from your Hospital ( For Surgery grants ) and Personal Bank account were you would receive the PSC - Post surgery care amount. 

Please Note the Grants shall be credited to the authorized applicants and their hospital respectively via Online Bank transfers only.


Sept 9 # Approval Certificate 

Post accepting the Self Declaration agreement. Your shall receive a Approval Letter / Approval Certificate on the Letter Head of Trans.Alms, signed by our founder to confirm your Grants and authorize the transfers. if needed The same can be used as a proof at your Bank to receive the funding's. 

The Letter will consist.

  1. Your Name

  2. Your Surgery

  3. Your Surgeons Name  

  4. Your Hospital / Clinics Name 

  5. Total Amount of Grants approved for surgery.

  6. PSC - Post Surgery care amount approved

  7. Surgery Grant Month - Please note the grants will be released on the 1st of your grant month and must be utilized for your surgery within 6 months.

What we Expect From You ?

  1.  Post your Application we expect you to work on yourself by being a little easy on yourself.

  2. Honour the time you have in hand to be mentally and physically be ready for the surgery.

  3. Read Our Blogs, they are here to help you and share it with your fellow friends who are part of your transitioning process 

  4. Keep your Patience, This is a request once you have made the application Please keep some Patience we are willing to help you and help the rest of hundreds of applicants along with you.

  5. Meditate Daily, Meditate in a way that best suits you a walk, listen to music, read a book, saltwater shower, painting etc.

  6. We don't spend the funds on Marketing and Social advertisements as we believe our community will help us spread the word and contribute towards each other. 

  7. Follow Groups and Communities on Social Media, Youtube, and other platforms that can help you get more information about your pre and post-surgery content. Spend your time wisely stop meaningless scrolling.

  8. Mind your own business, Be yourself and spend some quality time alone. Post-surgery your recovery process will need you to be in a space that is quiet and peaceful. Start working on adapting yourself to changes.

  9. Do not debate, with people who do not believe in your journey. Let go of people who do not contribute, make space for a better life, people, and opportunities.

  10. Do not question our honesty, we are here to help you.

Our Initiative


Assisting Transgender with Gender Affirming Surgery Grants Globally.


Post Surgery Care & Stay Facility.

#Social Work

Team TALMS takes great pride in assisting and becoming a part of all the NGO's and their diversified cause through social service.



#Meraki Workshops

Creates awareness and is for understanding diversity and inclusion challenges, finding solutions and implementing strategic POA - Plan of action with corporates from all sectors. 

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