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Our cause aims to assist Trans Folks with Transgender Surgery Grants, Post Surgery Care and Post Surgery Stay facilities. Completing their surgeries shall lessen their overall struggle and will ease their emotional baggage. Plus they shall receive the society's respect and inclusion where they can take up career opportunities that will support their financial needs and overall assist them in leading a sustainable life.


Note : Currently the Donations are open for Indian Nationals only as a part of 12A & 80G tax Benefits. You Shall receive a payment receipt within 24 hours of the Donation along with our 80g Certificate to claim your Tax Benefits.


We have a  secured SSL certified payment gateway to make an easy effortless Donation online through our website


Crowd Funding

You can support our cause by Donating on our Crowd Funding platform towards our ongoing Campaign. 

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CSR Donation - Donor Collaboration

As an Indian Corporate or Business Entrepreneur. You Can Choose to sponsor the cause with a Monthly or Yearly Donation as a part of your Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR. Send us an email with your Donation needs : trans.alms@gmail.com


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